Eco Package

-I like a model on your site, I want to buy it and have it installed

-I have a good command of the construction subject, I have an architect and a contractor, I can handle the legal proceedings, project design, coordinate the construction site or I will get service from another company.

Ücrete Dahil Olanlar

  • -Accommodation, food, drink

  • -Transport within Turkey

  • -Assembly of the house

  • -Electrical internal installation (standard)

  • -Clean water system (standard)

  • -Drain water installation (except building exterior)

  • -Exterior paint

  • -Interior paint (standard)

  • -Doors, windows, and joinery

  • - Wooden stairs and railings in the model (standard)

Ücrete Dahil Olmayanlar

  • -Municipal license procedures and projects

  • -Concrete subfloor (foundation)

  • -Outdoor cesspool sewage underground connections

  • -Electrical surface mounting

  • -Viitrified (toilet bowl, faucet, shower)

  • -Heating, cooling systems

  • -Fireplace

  • -Kitchen and bathroom cabinets

  • -Wet volume insulation and tiles


  • based on the implementation in the standard model.