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The world's transition to a knowledge economy

The world's transition to a knowledge economy

1. Agricultural period - until 1850
2. Industrial period - before 1970
3. Services period - ending
4. Knowledge economy - starting and will be in the next 50 years

Major lifestyle changes

life style
agricultural period

Core technology: human and animal muscle strength, tools
Living and working at home
Neighbors are important

life style
industrial era

Temel teknoloji: elektrik, araba, telefon.
Bir apartman dairesinde yaşamak, bir ofiste çalışmak
Komşular önemli değil (ev sadece uyumak için)

life style
creative period

Core technology: computer, internet, metaverse, robots, new energy etc.
Living and working at home
Neighbors are important

Global Creative Classroom

Leaders of the digital economy:
● Experts
● Top professionals
● Entrepreneurs

Lifestyle features:
1. They share the values of freedom, tolerance, sustainable development and personal responsibility.
2. They have found their calling, they are trying to realize themselves in creating innovations. The purpose and scope of the assignment is above the money
3. They are passionate about what they love, they are prone to overwork and burnout
4. They appreciate the beauty and closeness of nature. They lead a healthy lifestyle.
5. They value the social environment by gravitating towards communities with a high concentration of talent.
6. They really appreciate beauty, convenience and safety in solving daily problems. They want international quality standards in everything
7. They want to live in different places on the planet, they change places regularly
8. Their goal is to use more, not to have - a new offline environment for those living in the digital world - a global post-industrial network for people of the creative class, leaders of digital transformation

Settlements with complete necessary infrastructure and services for permanent residence and remote work

Noopolis - a location with a high talent density and a supportive environment for human capital development

The size of the settlement is 2-5 thousand people. One hour away from the international airport and major metropolises, in a location with a unique nature.

Settlement plan

Foça - an old fishing village with great tourism potential

beautiful beach in the mediterranean

Land (70 ha)

relief scheme

functional zoning scheme

Cultivation areas of cultivated plants are planted in recreation areas.

Walking link diagram promoting walking and sport

Development typology

residential facilities. huts

residential facilities. low rise houses

public facilities. neighborhood centers

public facilities. Education Center

public facilities. Business center

public facilities. cultural center

public facilities. Sports, Recreation and Medical Center

public facilities. Shopping and community center

public facilities. 120 room hotel

public facilities. agricultural center